About Us

Goalkeeper Camp Cotić-Starčić is a football camp specialized for working with goalkeepers. Since its founding in 2018, thanks to their professionalism, work ethic and commitment it has profiled itself as the best specialized camp in Croatia which is slowly but surely laying groundwork on the international grounds.

Original founders of the camp are Aleksa Cotić and Aleksandar Starčić, former goalkeepers, current coaches educated on the CFF Academy and owners of the UEFA ,,B” and ,,A” licenses – specialist coach for goalkeepers.

Aleksa Cotić

Took his first football steps in FC Livade.

From a very young age, he knew football was his life. As a fourteen year-old he starts playing for FC Jadran Poreč where he played for the next 5 years after which he continued his career in many clubs of the CFL.

During his career he was pronounced the best goalkeeper of the tournament multiple times as well as being a part of the Croatian national team for all younger ages.

Because of his passion and love for sports, near the end of his career he began to face new challenges as a goalkeeper-coach, hoping to share his wisdom and experience, which he had gained not only from his own career but from working with very best Croatian coaches, on younger generations so that they can make their dreams come true and start as ready and technically prepared as they can be to face new challenges.

To be able to share his vision with the young goalkeepers, Cotić is constantly getting educated and with the combination of his experiences he is laying groundwork of his current quality as a coach.

The wish for sharing his experience and knowledge results with starting his very own camp in 2018 set up as Goalkeeper Camp Cotić-Starčić.

His goalkeeper philosophy is based on good technical performance of the elements and the physical preparation when it comes to older ages. It’s of big importance to work on your goalkeeping tactic and technique as well as working on motor skills, coordination that is.

The work of a goalkeeper as a part of the team is very important, but so is the importance of implementing all mentioned in the contemporary systems of playing football.

Aleksandar Starčić

Took his first steps in FC Pula, but not long after he transferred to FC Istria from Pula and went through all selections, from regional to federal ones.

Commitment, will, desire and effort paired with work alongside coaches of the senior facility result in 996 minutes of playing in a season without a single received goal.

Multiple times in his career he was pronounced the best goalkeeper of many different tournaments. If he had to pick a favorite, he definitely highlights the one he received on the 1995 ,,Croatia winter cup’’ that took place in Poreč which he won playing against the very best goalkeepers which include the legendary Dražen Ladić.

Due to an unexpected injury, he ends his career at 32. Since then, he started facing new challenges as a goalkeeper coach where he with great commitment shares his knowledge, skills and experience on the younger generations.

After finishing the CFF Academy and acquiring the license for a goalkeeper coach he additionally educates himself in France where he takes part in every practice for all ages. He also actively participates on practices of the first team under the leadership of coach and goalkeeper Fran Manto. He also specializes on the Platt academy where he actively participates in work with goalkeepers for the younger categories as well as in a Bill Stewart private school in Everton. During 2013 he started to work with Milomir Kondić who then was a director for a superb Concept4soccer team of South Europe. In 2018 he embarked on his biggest venture yet – the Goalkeeper Camp.