Ravna Gora

Ravna Gora
1st period 19/06 - 24/06/2024
2nd period 24/06 - 29/06/2024
3rd period 12/07 - 17/07/2024
4th period 17/07 - 22/07/2024
5th period 22/07 - 27/07/2024

The main goal of the camp is to show young goalkeepers the main roles and tasks of a goalkeeper in specific situations of a football game. The right technical and tactical work of a goalkeeper makes it possible to play at the highest quality at all times, during defense and attack. In camp, young goalkeepers will work on their technique-tactic and with an additional analysis of their practices point out the most important elements and their performance which are needed for their growth as a contemporary goalkeeper.

With our experience and education, which we have successfully completed, the said techniques and tactics are being explained into detail during the analysis and the individual work in camp. All that is projected through work with our goalkeepers on the court. With the goalkeepers who are willing to train according to our plan, we also plan additional individual work after the camp so that through our advice and practices we can influence on their further growth even more. We are open to collaborating with the coaches of the goalkeepers as well.

The work in camp is adapted to all ages and to the technical and tactical training. With that taken into consideration, we are forming groups of goalkeepers that can be changed throughout the training period according to the goalkeepers needs. That way we are leaning towards the highest quality work of each group.


Work with younger ages through groups during the day camp:

  1. Pre-competitors (U7-U11)

Adaption of the basic techniques, movements around the goal and reactions from moving, catching the ball, rollovers and placements in relation with the ball. Work on coordination, flexibility and getting to know the basic throw-ins with hands and shoot-outs with legs (front volley), encouragement of developing hygiene with the young players during their stay at the camp, as well as respecting general house rules. The main point of work is focused on correction of done movements and intensive study of technical elements. Work on positioning, receiving and delivering with one leg under the situational conditions and with regards to opponent using two legs.

  1. Young pioneers (U12, U13) 

Transition from small to big goals and their ability to do tasks logically; work on perfecting their technical elements, connecting more elements with a faster and more dynamic performance. Work on flexibility, coordination and the speed of reactions and reflexes. Work on tactical preparations of a goalkeeper in phases of defense and individual attack is done through a systematical phase that includes technical elements in which dominates the synthetical situation method. Work on global tactical demands during the game as well as tactical demands connected through learning the technical elements. Work on situational conditions of footwork when it comes to opening the 1st and 2nd line game. Work on high balls.

  1. Pioneers (U14, U15)

Following a technical-tactical plan with many repetitions of complexed and advanced technical-tactical exercises. Technical elements are connecting and are performed in a faster, more dynamic way. Coordination and strength exercises for catching lower balls, catching balls in the air (half high and high balls), turning balls in the air (high balls), boxing balls single-handedly. Throwing balls in with a side swing and throwing in the balls with a half volley kick (drop-kick). Through tactic practices, the phases of attack and defense will be taught through individual and situational conditions. Work on situational conditions of the footwork while opening the game of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line. Work on ball placement and going out for the high balls.

  1. Cadets (U16, U17)

Work on optimal loads with the goal of perfecting previously taught technical-tactical, physical and psychological elements of football. Building and perfecting technical elements that have yet to be on a higher level. Tactical preparation is being done through a next level of work and training. Defining positions of the goalkeepers in phases of defense and attack. Exercises are being done with a highlight on flexibility, coordination, speed and the strength of endurance. Work on situational conditions of footwork at opening the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line game. Work on placing for, and going on the high balls.

  1. Juniors (U18, U19 & seniors U20>)

Perfecting technical finesses, individualizing technique and each technical element that are under the condition of structure, height, speed or to be exact, each technical element is being adapted to each of the goalkeepers. Through individual exercises of phases of defense and attack, tactical use is being directed to a higher intensity development of technical abilities and knowledge. Trainings are done with a highlight on flexibility, coordination, speed and strength of endurance. Work on situational conditions of footwork when opening the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line games. Work on placement and going on the high balls.