The idea of creating a goalkeeper camp Aleksa Cotić and Aleksandar Starčić turned into a reality in 2018 when the very first edition of Goalkeeper Camp Cotić-Starčić started in Dajla for the first 30 attendees. Next year, already the idea of dislocating during summer came to life, since it would be more available to young, future goalkeepers outside of Istria. As for the additional location, the chosen place was Ravna Gora which was showed to be a great success because from the first training period in 2019 to this day it grew to a permanent base of the summer camp, while the winter base stays in Dajla.

High quality work soon becomes known internationally so in 2020, the camp guests in Slovenian Postojna for the first time. That same year, thanks to the high interests of the attendees, the winter camp in Dajla and the summer camp in Ravna Gora expand their dates.

The same year, the Goalkeeper camp Cotić-Starčić is being presented in the Međimurska county with the maximum capacity of attendees.

Already in 2021, with three training periods in Ravna Gora being filled in a record time, the camp is being attended by 60 goalkeepers coming not only from all over Croatia but from our neighbors Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. In spring of 2022 the camp in Međimurska county was filled with the maximum number of 30 goalkeepers while the summer base in Ravna Gora was held in four training periods all of which were filled with the maximum of 80 goalkeepers.

After the repeated visit in Postojna, in September of 2022 which was filled in record time with a record number of 20 attendees in one period, the Goalkeeper Camp Cotić-Starčić is visiting in Slovenian Izola with 30 goalkeepers in one period, where camp was done successfully.

Near the end of December 2022, with 30 goalkeepers in Dajla the said year ended, leaving the coaches very satisfied. Right at the start of 2023 they started with new dates and 30 new goalkeepers.

Spring of 2023 is reserved for the Međimurska county in which camp is taking place in two training periods with 50 attendees. The traditional summer base in Ravna Gora is still breaking boundaries with five training periods which would leave us with a total number of 100 attendees.

Determination and quality of the Goalkeeper Camp Cotić-Starčić made it happen that from the starting number of 30 attendees in its first edition in spring of 2018 becomes widely known on the sports market which is now represented by 11 training periods per year, attended by 250 current and future goalkeepers.

The vision of the original founders, Cotić and Starčić transcends current accomplishments. There is already a new project in the making, meant for both for domestic and foreign markets.

Serious work and achievements of the Goalkeeper Camp Cotić-Starčić was recognized from its early days by the media following camps work which are promoting it through many reports, notifications and ads.